About the site

The Aalto University website was revamped in 2013. The site operates alongside the online services of the individual schools of Aalto University.

Feedback, questions or improvement suggestions related to the site can be sent via the Feedback button at the bottom of the page, or by email to communications [at] aalto [dot] fi.

The visual identity of the website is designed by TBWA\Helsinki. Anders Innovations is responsible for the technical implementation, and the website is built on Midgard content management system.

The structure of the site

The site comprises five main parts, which are accessible through the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page (Studies and programmes, Science and research etc.). In addition, the site has information aimed at specific target groups, such as alumni, the media, collaborative partners and prospective students.

The horizontal navigation bar opens up a broader mega navigation menu, with access to the deeper levels of the pages.

Aalto.fi and the new pages of its schools are designed to operate responsively, on both normal-sized screens, and mobile devices (smartphones and tablet computers).

1) Front page

The front page gives information about topical questions, with news, events and a picture carousel of the university’s activities.

2) Studies and programmes

This section tells about study opportunities at Aalto University and about applying to study at the university. It also contains general information on studies as well as related news.

3) Science and research

This section contains information about research that is conducted at Aalto University, its focal areas and links to research news. The section also tells about multidisciplinary projects as well as research and learning environments.

4) Collaboration and partnerships

In this section the university's partners in particular can find information about possibilities for collaboration and the services offered by the university. 

5) Information about the university

The section describes Aalto University's activities, its goals and strategies, organisation and mission, and its history. It also tells about Aalto University as an employer. The section on contact information includes information for contacting Aalto University, its schools and its service units.

Copyright, responsibilities and processing personal data

Aalto University owns all intellectual property rights in the material published on this website. Aalto University as well as the names and insignia of Aalto University are protected as trademarks. All rights are reserved unless otherwise specified.

The Aalto University domain also contains websites created by Aalto students and staff members as well as communities formed by them. The contents of such pages are not the responsibility of Aalto University but of the person who has been indicated as the page administrator and has access rights to the University network. Aalto University is not liable for any inconvenience caused to the user by technical issues or third-party material linked to the site.

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