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Aalto University Research, Art and Impact (RAI) Assessment

A Research, Art and Impact Assessment was conducted in August 2018.

Aalto University is now approaching the end its first ten-year period as one university. Aalto was established in 2010 by a merger of three Finnish universities, Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

When founded, Aalto University was given a national mission to strengthen the innovative capacity of Finland through first-class research, art and education. From the beginning, Aalto University has ambitiously developed activities based on high quality research and artistic work, and strived to build a university that is more competitive, more focused but also more collaborative across disciplines.

To evaluate the development, performance, and the future potential, Aalto University carries out a Research, Art, and Impact Assessment in 2018. The quality of research and artistic activity, as well as the societal impact will be subjected to an international evaluation to consolidate Aalto's international standing, and to identify fields with world-class potential.


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The assessment period covers five years from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2017, and the research, artistic and impact results described in the assessment materials relate to this period only.The Assessment will be carried out as a peer-review process conducted by external, international, independent, and high-level experts in fields relevant to Aalto's research and artistic profile. The peer-review Panels shall visit to assess the Units during the Site Visit Week 27-31 August 2018. The Assessment is based on the written self-assessments of the Units of the Assessment, including case studies, bibliometric data, and other indicators of quality and impact of the research and artistic work, as well as on the interviews conducted by the Panels during the site visit. The Units of Assessment will submit evidence of the achievements during the five-year period and describe their future-potential taking into account the faculty renewal that has taken place. Read more about the objectives, criteria and rating of the RAI 2018 Assessment.

The experts will be divided to Panels based on research and artistic fields. Assessment Fields reflect Aalto University’s four core competence areas: Arts and design knowledge building, Global business dynamics, ICT and digitalisation, Materials and sustainable use of natural resources, and the three grand challenge research areas: Advanced energy solutions, Health and wellbeing, and Human-centered living environments. Each Assessment Field consists of several Units of Assessment that cover all Aalto University Schools and Departments. Read more about the Assessment Fields and Units of the Assessment.

For more information, please contact:
Ella Bingham, Head of Research Strategic Support, tel. +358 50 3841501, ella.bingham(at) 
Marjo Kettunen, Project Manager, tel. +358 50 3042827, marjo.kettunen(at)

Terms of Reference for Assessment Panels (pdf)

RAI 2018 Panels' Feedback to Assessment Fields and Aalto University (pdf)

Report will be ready in December



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