Art and creative practices

Aalto University wants to increase visibility and impact of art and creativity in the society. This will also create a basis for change and new thinking.

Art and creativity is one of the main pillars of Aalto University. We believe that artistic activity strengthens research and accelerates innovation and economy. It also helps to develop better solutions for demanding global challenges. These include climate change, energy availability, health care and nutrition.

Art, creativity and design reform society: they challenge and question as well as produce new knowledge and understanding. They also create human-centred design and functional solutions to everyday life.

Aalto University promotes art and creativity based activities in all disciplines and communities. We develop mechanisms for including creative practices and design thinking into technology and business, both in our own and partners' activities. We also offer extensive art education for all of our students to diversify their perspectives and competencies.

World-class expertise

Our artistic activity is internationally renowned. Aalto University was ranked 13th in the field of Art & Design in the QS World University Ranking in spring 2017. The success of our fashion design students in international competitions in the past few years has created a phenomenon of the entire Finnish fashion industry. The works of students of Film and Television have gained acclaim in competitions abroad and were, for example, nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Our students' works have also been widely acknowledged in international publications, fairs and exhibitions and they are the top of their field.

We also develop multidisciplinary artistic and research cooperation across scientific and artistic boundaries. A good example of this is the innovative co-operation CHEMARTS of the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, combining material research, creative practices and design thinking. Its aim is to produce new types of durable textile materials from biomaterials. As a result of student projects, new concepts have emerged, such as textiles with functional features, cellulose-based luxury brands, and 3D print products made of recycled clothing.

It is important for the university that art is part of all our activities. We are involved in building the Otaniemi area to an innovative, urban center where science, art, technology and business meet and produce new insights.

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