Greenhouse utilising pulp mill residual streams wins Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s Innovation Contest for Students

7. December 2018

This innovation developed by Aalto University students may revolutionise Finnish food production by means of the circular economy.


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New Children’s Hospital to feature birdsong and whooshing stars

26. November 2018

The soothing soundscape designed for the new hospital was the first of its kind in Finland and unique in the world.

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Hey, space!

19. November 2018

An updated course in radio astronomy allows students to observe far-away galaxies with the help of Finland's only radio telescope used for astronomical research.


Companies want to develop innovations from biomaterials together with FinnCERES

16. November 2018

A large group of representatives of industry took part in the Industry Meets FinnCERES event on 5 November 2018 at Paasitorni in Helsinki.

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Students’ art works illustrate Helsinki metro stations

16. November 2018

Several of the selected works are made by Aalto students. An exhibition of the new metro art works opens today in Kamppi.

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A novel approach to construct a highly active and durable nanocatalyst offers solutions to energy storage problems

8. November 2018

A green, simple and easy method opens up new possibilities for MOF-based nanocatalysts.

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Half a million funding from Business Finland for the development of circular economy of metals

7. November 2018

The funded sub-project of Aalto University is part of SYMMET, which is searching for solutions to the continuously increasing need for metallic materials.

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Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre awarded in Spain

2. November 2018

Ilja Rautsi's horror comedy won prize for the best European fantasy short film.

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Juha-Matti Tilli could not sleep; instead, he had an idea that took him to the vulnerabilities of Linux

31. October 2018

Juha-Matti Tilli decided to investigate whether a problem related to the topic of his post-graduate studies could be solved better. At the same time, he realised that earlier solutions may have been vulnerable and created a gap in information security.


Ilkka Kivimäki appointed to Aalto University Board

30. October 2018

Chair Anne Brunila’s term of office ends. The new chair will be chosen by the Board early next year.


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New method enables the recovery of trace platinum concentrations

30. October 2018

Renewable energy and electric traffic, among others, will increase the need for platinum and other critical metals. Even the smallest quantities of metal must be recovered.

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Metals needed for climate solutions – will what we have be enough?

30. October 2018

In order to ensure a sufficient supply of metals, metal recovery methods and production processes using secondary raw materials must be developed. Awareness of the need for recycling must also be increased.

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Quantum physics and technology research receives billion-euro funding from the EU—Aalto University involved in three projects

29. October 2018

Aalto University research groups will study and develop technology for quantum communication, ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors based on quantum optics, and photon-emitting quantum chips.

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Alumnus of the Year Matti Alahuhta emphasises the importance of continual learning

27. October 2018

Electrical Engineering. His selection was made public at the AlumniStudent Weekend seminar on 27 October 2018.


High school students got a taste of the limitless possibilities of technology at Shaking up Tech

25. October 2018

In the Shaking up Tech event at Aalto University on 11 October 2018, high school students met women who rule the world of technology.


Environmental issues get form by ceramic art

25. October 2018

Finnish ceramic artists visualise land contamination in Venice research pavilion.

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Creating a unique professional profile by combining different fields of science

24. October 2018

Associate Professor in the field of Thermodynamics of metallurgical processes, geologist and chemist, encourages students to study combinations of different subjects and fields of science.

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ERC Synergy Grant worth €10M will help develop new techniques for brain research, disease diagnostics, and patient care

23. October 2018

The methods are based on rapid, algorithm-controlled magnetic pulses that excite neurons and forge connections across brain regions.

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TV series for teenagers are a hit

16. October 2018

Short TV series also available online, made by Aalto students, have found their audience in Finland and abroad.

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Professor Katri Kauppi knows just what it takes to succeed in outsourcing

12. October 2018

Just because you understand a clause in a contract, doesn’t mean you know what you are about to buy.

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Space professor's research looks twenty-five years into the future

12. October 2018

Esa Kallio, the man behind upcoming missions to send space probes to Mercury and Jupiter, blends the right mix of childish curiosity and steely determination.

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Forget about cords and plugs, electric cars will be charged wirelessly: energy solutions for the future are developed in Otaniemi

10. October 2018

Electric cars will be charged smartly, a virtual power plant will enable environmentally friendly production of electricity, and heat will be stored deep in the ground.

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Jukka Mäkelä named Alumni of the Year 2018 by Aalto University School of Engineering

10. October 2018

Espoo – Tapiola and Otaniemi in particular – has always been important to Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

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Already as a child, Assistant Professor Arno Solin wanted to build smart robots

10. October 2018

Over the years, his childhood enthusiasm with programming and mathematical models was developed into research in real-time machine learning and sensor fusion.

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Fibre technologies revolutionising the textile industry win the European Commission's Regiostars Awards

10. October 2018

VTT and Aalto University’s TeKiDe project won the category "Achieving sustainability through low carbon emissions".

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