Aalto University as an employer

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. People are the ones who create Aalto: they enable world class research, provide pioneering education, create trend-setting art and empower society-renewing collaboration. Join our international community!

Unique career possibilities

  • A range of opportunities for career advancement, including the tenure track and lecturer track career systems, and career paths for support service positions
  • A wide variety of training options in all areas related to research and artistic work, teaching, services and academic leadership
  • We are a HRS4R-certified employer: we offer a stimulating working environment with fair and transparent recruitment and advancement processes

Diverse working environment

  • We are a highly international university – 30% of our faculty comes from outside Finland
  • Aalto has exceptionally strong international networks with partner universities and companies around the world
  • We solve challenges by active collaboration and knowledge exchange between different academic disciplines, companies, startups, and public organisations

Flexible working culture

  • Finland has one of the best parental leave policies in the world, guaranteeing both parents paid time off when they have small children
  • To support work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours and the possibility for flexible work
  • Finland is one of the countries that has the most annual leave in the world

Extensive services for our staff

  • Our academic staff is supported by top-level experts, such as grant writers and pedagogical developers
  • All Aalto employees receive private occupational health care services
  • UniSport offers a wide range of low-cost sports services on our campuses

Do you share our values?

  • Passion for exploration
  • Courage to influence and excel
  • Freedom to be creative and critical
  • Responsibility to accept, care and inspire
  • Integrity, openness and equality

Get to know our people

  • Aalto_uratarinat_Marianna_Bom_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_220x150.jpg

    Marianna Bom, Chief Financial Officer

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_ENG_Claudia_Dell-Era_8-5-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_220x150.jpg

    Claudia Dell’era, Grant Writer

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_Alexander_Frey_CHEM_21-6-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_003_220x150.jpg

    Alexander Frey, Associate Professor

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_ARTS_Anna_Kholina_11-5-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_005_220x150.jpg

    Anna Kholina, Doctoral Student

  • floran_martin_220x150.jpg

    Floran Martin, Postdoctoral Researcher

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_Antti_Suhonen_BIZ_22-6-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_004_220x150.jpg

    Antti Suhonen, Professor of Practice

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_ENG_Maire_Syrjakari_17-5-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_002_220x150.jpg

    Maire Syrjäkari, Educational Developer

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_ENG_Tommi_Mikkola_7-9-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_220x150.jpg

    Tommi Mikkola, University Lecturer

  • 3000pix_Aalto_University_COS_Jessica_Sinikoski_12-5-2017_photo_Mikko_Raskinen_009_220x150.jpg

    Jessica Sinikoski,
    Communications Manager

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